5 Signs It’s Time To Change Your Motorcycle Tyres

Motorcycles are a very popular form of transport these days. Their popularity originates from the great level of convenience and speed in getting to a destination. The fast speeds motorcycles are known for can pose a great danger to riders and other road users if the tires are in bad condition.

Motorcycles achieve support at top speeds because of the health of the tires. Regularly-shaped and gripping tires are essential components for any motorcycle to cruise smoothly and safely.

The importance of quality tire cannot be understated, and we are going to point out signs indicating time to change your tires.

Five Signs Signifying Time to Change Tires

1. Tires Exhibiting Sign of Being Old

Predicting the exact day your tires will fail is very difficult because their lifespan does not hinge on the date of manufacturing of the tire. A variety of variables determine the lifespan of a motorcycle tire. It is possible not to use a motorcycle for some time, but the tires still degenerate.


Therefore, it is clear that this task is not as straightforward as it may seem. It is advisable to set aside some quality time to examine the health of the exterior of your tires. Moreover, it is wise to ensure the motorcycle is taken to a mechanic to replace motorcycle tires.

2. Out of Date Tread Wear Limit

Motorcycle tires feature some measures such as the tread wear indicator whose purpose is to monitor the accepted levels of wear a motorcycle tire can take before it becomes dangerous for use.

This feature is housed beneath the primary groove.

The legal wear limit should not go below a length of one millimeter. Hence, authorities are always punishing people whose tires are below this limit. The wear poses a great danger to the rider especially when the motorcycle is being ridden on wet surfaces.

3. Control

This problem is very difficult to notice, and it may not be noticed if the owner does not understand quite well the performance of their motorcycle. Often, a slight defect on a tire cannot warrant a poor performance for a motorcycle. Therefore, if a problem is originating from the tires, it may not raise eyebrows.


However, this is a telltale sign of defective tires which should be addressed changed immediately. If it gets to the point where you can feel that your bike is not gripping the road properly, then you know you have to change your tires. By this stage, it has probably been left longer than it should have. Other tell-tale signs are vague steering and slight handlebar wobbles as you ride over white lines on the road

4. Incompatible Tire Designs

The choice of the pair of tires used on your motorcycle plays a significant part in the general performance of your motorcycle. Motorcycle tires should be of the same design and from the same manufacturer.

Contrasting tire designs experience different frequency of tear and wear which can affect the balance of a motorcycle. It the role of a motorcycle owner to ensure this does not happen by ensuring their tires’ features are of the same and right quality.

5. Puncture

Motorcycles are a common feature in our day to day lives. There are various sports coined from the use of motorcycles. Therefore, the importance placed on the designing and production of motorcycle tires cannot be emphasized enough.


Therefore, in case you realize that your motorcycle has a flat tire, it is essential to pull over and assess the levels of damage imposed on the tire. Then, after getting a full picture of the damage, you can contact your accredited motorcycle dealer to repair the tires. This process is best done before one begins a journey so that they do not put their lives at risk.


The role of ensuring that a motorcycle is fit to be used on the road, first belongs to the owner because they are in contact with their machines regularly and should not depend on third-party assistance.