What Foods Keep Well Without Refrigeration

Food refrigeration is an important thing as it helps your food last for a longer time. However, you’ll notice that there are foods that do not require refrigeration.

I’ve discussed some of the food you should not store in refrigeration. You should navigate to this website and learn more about these types of food.

• Bread

It’s always important to keep bread in a cool and dry place. Bread should not be stored in a fridge as it makes the bread hard like a rock. It also gets stale faster as a result of starch molecules beginning to dry out in a process usually called retrogradation.


What happens is that water molecules that are located on the bread usually detach themselves from starch molecules. After this, you’ll find that the starch molecules begin to regain their original shape which makes them harden once more. The cool temperature of the fridge accelerates the dehydration process.

• Sweet potatoes

It’s always important for you to store sweet potatoes in a cool, well-ventilated darkroom. This can make them last even for ten days. What happens if you try to refrigerate sweet potatoes is that their cell wall structure usually changes whereby it becomes hard.

This makes the sweet potatoes remain hard in the middle and if you happen to cook them they take a longer time to get cooked.

• Avocados

Avocados when they are picked from the tree they usually produce ethylene which makes them ripen. It usually takes three to six days for the avocado to ripen. What happens to the avocados when placed inside the refrigerator is that they’ll not ripen since they’ll not be able to produce ethylene. It also makes avocados become hard.

• Tomatoes


Tomatoes should be kept over the counter or just in an area with shade. What happens when you store tomatoes in a refrigerator are that they lose their flavor. This is a result of an alteration of volatile synthesis as well as the change in DNA methylation.

• Bananas

Bananas grow in those areas that are usually warm. What happens when you store unripe bananas in the refrigerator, they will not ripen. This is because the enzyme that usually accelerates the process of ripening will be inhibited. It also makes the skin turn black of these bananas.