Fun Things You Can do With Friends in Detroit

If you suggest about a trip to Detroit to a friend, most probably they will think of you to be a little outrageous. Detroit city may not be among the places one would prioritise to visit as many would think of it as a boring place. It is currently faced with challenges such as high crime levels thus most people have absconded their residences. Nonetheless, this city is a fun place to be, and it has some exciting sites that you would absolutely not afford to miss.

Detroit is home to many attractive sites such as beautiful parks, game lounges and museums, which are well maintained and managed.

Therefore, do not hesitate to go out with a friend to Detroit city and enjoy venturesome sites. Here are some of the things that would be fun doing with a friend in the city of Detroit.

1. Visit the Detroit Temple


One of the largest temples in the united states and the rest of the world is the Detroit Masonic Temple. It is situated on temple avenue, and it could be a wonderful escapade if you stopped at the place to enjoy its beautiful view. It presents one of the earliest, scenic German architecture work in the United States.

2. Play Escape the Room

The escape the room detroit is an exciting game available in Detroit city where you enter a room that is designed in a puzzled manner. You are required within a limited time, probably one minute, to solve those puzzles and earn your freedom out of the room.

It can turn to be so much entertaining if you are accompanied by a friend to the place. It is located on the fourth street of Downtown Royal Oak, just on the outskirts of Detroit city.

3. Pop into the Island of Belle Isle

Belle Isle is an island within the city of Detroit occupying a land portion of about 3 square miles. Though it is small in size, it forms a beautiful scenery where one would enthusiastically love to spend some ample time and participate in the various available sports.

4. Visit Detroit’s Historical Sites

Various places symbolize the history of the city of Detroit. Fort Wayne is one such place, located in the West Jefferson, and was set up way back in 1840. There are exciting features such as a traditional commanding officer’s house.

Fun in detroit

Other places that are bestowed with historical endorsements include the Detroit Historical museum found on the Woodward Avenue, Motown museum located on West Grand Boulevard and Great Lake Museum found across the Belle Isle island.

5. Explore Artistic Designs

You can visit places such as Pewabic Pottery which was started in 1903. In this place, you will encounter different types of items made of ceramics and learn about the art behind it probably to help you make some similar kinds of stuff. Detroit Institute of Arts is also an exciting place to visit for more artworks. It is located on Woodward Boulevard and presents man’s earliest tools and culture from different ethnics.


Well, Detroit holds more pleasures than anyone who has never been there would think. There are plenty of fun places to be and fun activities to take part in once you get to Detroit. Having a friend by you will further make the experience better, therefore, get a friend and tour the city of Detroit to get pleasure from much more adventures.