How Do I Know If My Door Is Impact Resistant

Impact-resistant doors are an excellent protection tool if you want to keep away burglars. More importantly, however, they keep the family safe in case of a hurricane. If you live in an area frequented by storms, it is in your best interest then to invest in an impact-resistant door to ensure the family’s safety.

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To determine if your door is impact resistant, you are advised to do the following;


• Check for a permanent label or mark on one of the door corners

If it is an impact-resistant door, you’ll be able to sport a tag with the supplier’s name and company. The other details to look out for include, the manufacturing date, fabrication site, and the thickness. These are vital indicators if you want to know if you have a robust impact-resistant door quickly.

• Look for a temporary label

Most impact resistant doors come with a permanent mark on the corners. But due to fitting issues, it may have been removed or destroyed. However, most manufacturers place a temporary sticker or label indicating the certifications of the door. Some even come with a manual detailing the dimensions and fabrications of the door.

• Study the reflection in the glass

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If your door is made of glass or is partly glass, you can study the reflection in the glass if there are no labels. Impact-resistant glass has two layers of glass. Therefore you should notice two distinct reflections.

• Call an expert

If you have tried the other three methods and you’re still not sure, then you can call in a professional to get an expert opinion. The expert will examine the door using various techniques and give you a conclusive answer.

Impact-resistant doors offer protection to your home immediately after their installation. There will be no need to have extra planks of wood to protect your house. The doors can withstand a great deal of pressure, guaranteeing your protection when hurricanes strike.