Must-have Ingredients in Hair Care Products for Curly Hair

If you possess curly hair, then you no doubt know just how difficult it can become to find the perfect hair products, particularly for styling, keeping, and taking care of it. Because curls are not static, styling products designed for straight hair can easily get clogged and clog up within a few days. In addition, many hair products designed for use on curly hair often contain ingredients that have negative effects on it, making it even more difficult to manage. The following are must-have ingredients in hair care products for curly hair:

Rosemary and Tea Tree oil

These two ingredients are natural deodorants, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory agents. For those suffering from scalp itching and other similar conditions, Rosemary and tea tree oil are great remedies for it. These hair products are very mild and are usually used in small amounts. When added to shampoo, they also work as a conditioner. Look for natural Rosemary or tea tree oils when shopping for your shampoo and conditioner.


Lavender and Eucalyptus

Lavender and Eucalyptus are both great natural anti-inflammatories. Both plants help reduce redness and swelling while calming and refreshing the scalp. Both are often added to shampoos for healthy hair. For best results, combine them with other powerful anti-inflammatories such as Neem Oil, otherwise known as “The Village Pharmacy Herb”.

Silica and Silicon dioxide

Silica and Silicon dioxide are must-have ingredients in your must-have list. These provide natural protection from dryness, flaking, and oily residue. Both Silica and Silicon dioxide are absorbent, which makes it easy to apply directly to dry and oily hair. It also makes it easy to blow dry using a hairbrush. Both are ideal for any style, from wet to dry.

Coconut oil and organic shea butter

Coconut oil and organic shea butter are must-have ingredients in your must-have collection of hair products. They not only help moisturize the scalp and strands but also add shine and luster to your hair. Organic shea butter is a great conditioner, while coconut oil can help repair damaged follicles and strengthen weak ones. Coconut oil also serves as an effective antiseptic for cuts and scrapes. In addition, both coconut oil and shea butter are anti-inflammatories, which makes it easy to treat burns and scrapes.

If your hair has a rough texture and coarse flakes, try using jojoba, olive oil, lavender, rosemary, or tea tree oil. Shampoos with natural moisturizing ingredients are particularly good for those with coarse hair. These products will leave hair feeling soft and smooth, and shampooing no longer necessary. You’ll want to use shampoo only when absolutely necessary, as well as using conditioners that are rich in moisturizers.

coconut oil

Mint and peppermint

Mint and peppermint are not just delicious candy! These little mints and spearmint leaves are excellent natural remedies for dandruff and itching. While both mints and spearmints have a strong scent, you can either rub them directly on the scalp or munch on them raw. Peppermint leaves can also be used as an antiseptic, relief for burns, scrapes, and bites. Both mint and peppermint extract are excellent for killing viruses and bacteria, thus eliminating unwanted zits and pimples. For added benefits, some people mix mint leaves with honey for a fun, light, refreshing drink.


To further improve your hair cuticle and thickness, try using a natural conditioner with a clay base. Shampoos with clay base have been scientifically proven to reduce split ends and increase the smoothness of hair. For a really healthy result, experiment with all types of shampoos to see which ones give you the results you want. Also, make it a habit to condition your hair each day; even if you wash it only once a week or so. Conditioned hair looks and feels softer and smoother, allowing you to have less stress on your hair while giving you the opportunity to freshen up at home.