What You Should Know About Sterling Silver

For a very long time now, sterling silver jewelry has been into existence. The main reason why it has been on the market for that long is that they are cheap to acquire and thus readily available for most of the people. The affordability of the metal keeps it far much higher than other known precious metals like platinum and gold.

They come in different varieties, and thus it will require one to have a vast knowledge when it comes to choosing the kind one needs. The following will help you in knowing what to look for and handling of the metal.

Cleaning of the southwestern sterling silver jewelry

The dusting of the jewelry usually depends on the kind of jewelry that you have. Typically when it comes to cleaning the sterling silver jewelry, it is a good thing to use the jewelry cloth. This kind of fabric generally has two layers which are of different colors, and they are easily acquired from the jewelry stores. One thing to note is that you should avoid using hard objects when cleaning the jewelry since they may end up scratching the surface of the silver.

silver ring



You should always consider rubbing the jewelry with the jewelry cloth if you want it to look smart and last long. Also, another commonly used material for cleaning the sterling silver jewelry is using the silver-dip cleaner, which is also available in the jewelry stores.

The jewelry is typically placed in a solution for a minute and then sponged down with water. One most important point to consider is that you should ensure that the metal is not coated with other metals when using the silver-dip.

Storing the sterling silver jewelry

When it is not in use, it is essential to store the jewelry well. The best place to store your jewelry is away from the sun rays. The light and heat will automatically turn the silver jewelry into a yellowish color and cause it to discolor fast. It is advisable to store the jewelry in a drawer since the indoor lights may end up tarnishing it over time.

Types of silver plating

It is common knowledge that unlike the platinum and gold, silver is unstable and thus it oxides fast as compared to the other metals. Considering this fact, silver is typically coated with other metals that help protect it from tarnishing. There are usually two known types of plating for the silver jewelry, which is the Rhodium and nickel.


They are easily distinguishable since the rhodium is darker as compared to nickel which is whitish. When compared, rhodium is much expensive than nickel, rhodium is typically used to plate Gold and Platinum. Some of the silver jewelry is not plated, like the highly polished are not plated.


Jewelry adds beauty and makes someone look superb. Depending on the kind of jewelry that you need, you can decide on the one that fits you best. Sterling silver jewelry is very affordable, and thus it can easily be acquired from the jewelry stores. They also come in different varieties, and therefore your choice and preference will make you choose what you feel is right for you and your loved one. Maintenance plays a significant role when it comes to silver jewelry hence don’t assume any given instruction if you want it to last long.