Natural Ways to Fight Hair Loss

Coconut milk: Having a dry scalp is one of the reasons for hair loss, and using coconut oil is just the best remedy for this, coconut has always been known to be having the moisturizing properties that help moisten your scalp and bring back your lost hair.

Garlic: One can use garlic to get back the lost hair by applying its gel to those areas that have undergone hair loss, this is accompanied by using the steroid treatment, and it will lead to more hair re-growth.

LossAloe Vera: This is another great remedy for getting rid of hair loss, Aloe Vera soothes and calms the damaged scalp, it, therefore, creates a healthy environment for your hair cells to restock and later flourish, and it also cleans up the sebum and any oil that might have clogged the follicle that prevents the hair from growing.

Onion juice: It is important that you apply this onion juice on your scalp for a period of six weeks, it will positively help you with your hair growth, they have Sulphur contents that help in increasing the blood circulation, and they also promote the collagen growth and treat scalp infection.

Rosemary oil: It has antiseptic properties, this enables it to treat scalp infections and get rid of dandruff and flaky scalp. It is a great natural hair loss remedy that plays the role of a potent stimulant.

Apple cider vinegar: Rinsing your precious hair with apple cider vinegar will help to prevent or fix all the clogged follicles since clogging of hair follicles also causes hair loss.

Jojoba oil: a scalp that has undergone through extreme dryness is always prone to dandruff, and an increased level of hair loss. Jojoba oil is one of the most trusted remedies for preventing hair loss, it can be used to moisturize the hair follicles of the scalp, and this will, therefore, make the new hair healthier and stronger.

LossCayenne pepper: one can stop hair loss by having enough blood circulation on the scalp, and this can only be achieved by use of cayenne pepper in your meals.

Safflower oil: It can get rid of dandruff and also strengthen the hair follicles, it is used by massaging it gently on your scalp. After this, you will start to notice that your hair looks shiny and has strength.

Licorice root: It gets rid of a dry and irritated skull, it also opens the hair pores and strengthens your weak hair follicles, since weak hair follicles are often the cause of hair loss. For quick and better results, it is advisable that you apply on a weekly basis or consume it orally as licorice tea.