How To Choose the Best Camera Mode Depending on Topic

Taking pictures is one of the most common practices done by beginners as well as experienced professionals. It can also be challenging especially for beginners. You therefore have to know different ways you can use your camera to get the best results. Setting the right camera mode is one of the ways to get amazing picture. Although different cameras have different levels of complexity in their features, they all have the modes below.

Shutter priority mode

This mode is mostly suitable for those taking landscape pictures and is denoted by S or Tv in some cameras. It allows you to set the shutter speed you want while letting the camera choose the aperture automatically. While setting up this mode, you need to consider the amount of light that will be getting into the lens.

Camera Mode

Manual mode

This mode allows you to take full control of the camera which can be intimidating or exciting and is applicable for all types of pictures. It allows you to set up all the settings according to your vision of the image. If you decide to use it, you may miss out on some great captions due to lack of enough light since the camera will not be able to adjust itself to accommodate the changing light.

Aperture priority mode

This mode allows you to adjust the aperture and ISO settings to your preference while allowing the camera to set the shutter speed automatically. It is denoted by V on most cameras while on some it appears as Av. When sheeting up this mode, you need to determine how you want your picture to appear first.


For example, if you want the image to be clearer than the background you can set up a wide aperture. The camera can then adjust the shutter speed to match your setting to give you the result you want. This can work well for those taking portrait photos.

Manual mode with auto ISO

Similar to the aperture priority mode, this mode allows you to adjust the aperture which is good for wildlife photos. The difference is that instead of the camera setting up the shutter speed, you also set it up leaving the camera to set up the ISO to create the perfect balance. You can change the ISO settings to auto by going to the manual mode but you have to remember that it can give you blurry photos if it gets too high.

Program mode

This mode is perfect for those who don’t want specific effects in their pictures. It sets up the shutter speed, aperture together with ISO and is denoted by a P. It works like the automatic mode where you don’t have to do anything except take pictures. The only difference is that with the program mode, you can change some settings to override those of the camera. If you want to test if the features of your camera are all working well then this is the best mode for you.

Program mode

These modes when combined with other tools like Photoshop can bring out amazing photos. Some of the features of these tools often bring about the question what is sleeklens but it doesn’t take away the capabilities of these tools.


All these modes are perfect for different situations. You can therefore analyze your needs and the type of camera you have before choosing the most suitable one.