Are Sandals Bad For Toddlers

As an adult, you may have sandals that you wear to the beach or just walking around the home on a hot sunny day. However, if you have a toddler or toddlers, you may wonder whether sandals are right for them.

Are sandals bad for small kids? The simple answer to this question is NO; they’re not bad. If you choose the right fit, they’re an excellent choice for comfortability. Let’s look at a few other reasons why sandals are not bad for toddlers.

They allow their feet to breathe


Especially during summer, kids may have issues with sweaty feet. When they wear closed shoes, you notice that their feet look as if they’re burned. Sandals come in handy to save the situation. They allow air in between the toes, and therefore, feet can breathe easily. Whether it’s at the beach or just at home, they can walk without the risk of heat burning their feet. You can get more info at

Sandals are comfortable

Other than giving your toddler’s feet some breathing space, sandals also offer comfort. When they wear closed shoes all day, you may touch their feet and feel as if they’re stiff.

You may even hear them crying and wonder the reason. The cause of crying may be in the shoes they’ve been wearing. We are not saying closed shoes are bad; we are saying that you should dress your toddler in sandals every once in a while to offer relaxation to their feet.

Sandals don’t have any hassles

sandals for toddlers

Especially when visiting places such as the beach, sandals are an excellent choice for your toddlers because they don’t have any hassles. They’ll be able to play around without being worried about sand filling their shoes. When sand gets in a sandal, you can remove it quickly. And if your toddler gets in the water, their sandals dry quickly.

If you have been thinking that sandals are bad for toddlers, you can rest easy now. Just make sure you choose the right fit, and also, they should be comfortable.