The Ultimate Guide To Solo Female Travel

One of the most liberating experiences in the world is solo travelling. You do not have any responsibilities; you can as well do whatever you wish and leave when you feel like. However, it is important for every female to know that solo travelling is not for everyone; some people can’t find this interesting.

And that is why we have some tips over here for you to ensure that you have safe travel as a woman.Before leaving, you have to do proper planning. Planning will enable you to get the best accommodation, arrange for the best flight and travel at an affordable rate.

Make your parents get involved in your planning. Help them sign up for an email account if they do not have one; this will enable you to communicate easily of both parties can’t communicate through a phone call.


Get yourself a female-friendly backpack. Remember to dress appropriately; this will show that you have respect for the local people. To be on the right side, you can as well choose to find out what type of dress code is accepted in that country; this will make it easier for the locals to accept you.

Carry along your tampoons and sanitary towels. This is because if you are travelling to a less developed country, finding such things may be hard.

Before travelling, going for a short course on self-defense will be very appropriate. With this, you will be able to defend yourself in case of any physical attack. Go for registered taxis and avoid drinking too much, avoid arriving in new places at night.


It is advisable that you carry your ID rather than your passport when you are out. When buying a backpack, go for one that has a combination lock, this will do away with the risks of losing a key.