Is It An Organic Home Cleaning Product

In recent decades, people have become more conscious of the home products they buy. Organic cleaning products are more preferred to the synthetic ones. According to the Environmental Working Group, from the US, more than 500 ingredients used in commercial and household cleaning products are harmful to the lungs. These ingredients contain elements that can trigger asthma and other ailments.

Dioxane is an ingredient in many home cleaning products. Among the products that contain this element are chlorine bleaches, antibacterials, perchloroethylene, and Formaldehyde. You should check the ingredients that make up your home cleaning product before you put it in the cart.

Use the right organic cleaning product


There are numerous natural cleaning products that you can use and still get sparkling, if not better, results. With the organic ingredients, you will enjoy fresh air and safe playing haven for your children and pets. You can opt to hire professional house cleaning service experts to help you get the best organic results. Such professionals employ natural ingredients that work well on a plethora of household applications.

Some of the organic cleaning products to use

There are many natural ingredients that one can use in their house. There are many more that are yet to be discovered over time, though.

• Baking soda

• Citrus solvent

• Liquid unscented soap

• Corn starch

• Alcohol

• White vinegar

Why use organic home cleaning products

The wide variety of organic house cleaning products can be used on a wide array of surfaces and chores. These products can be used as fabric softeners, on diapers, drain cleaners, and dishwasher soap, among other applications. Here is why you should go organic when cleaning your house.

Cleaning Product

• They don’t cause allergies

• They don’t harm the environment

• Are good to your circulatory system

• They are cheaper in the long run

• You are contributing to the reduction of global warming

• They are friendly to your hands

• Your furniture and garments stay fresh and last longer

• They create a safe environment for your children and pets