How Do I Stop Eating My Feelings

Are you struggling with emotional eating? This is quite a common behavior among so many people. This is where one eats to sooth or suppress some negative feelings. These negative feelings include;





Boredom etc.

They are feeling that may result from various things such as marital conflicts, financial pressures, etc. When someone is undergoing any of the above, they try to shift their attention to eating. This is what we refer to as emotional eating; eating your feelings.


Emotional eating is likely to result in weight gain, which is definitely unhealthy. You, therefore, have to control your feeding when undergoing such feelings.

So, below we discuss how to get over food addiction

1. Get support.

Stress comes as a result of many things. In most cases, you might not control the stress without seeking professional help.

If you realize you are eating due to the stress you have, maybe because of a break-up, you should visit a counselor to help you deal with the stress.

2. Control your stress.

If you are simply stressed because of controllable matters, you should try and distract yourself from the stress by using some of the stress management techniques. You can participate in yoga. Yoga helps one to meditate and avoid negative thinking.

3. Avoid temptation.

Eating disorder

If you know that you cannot control yourself when experiencing an emotional breakdown, you should try and avoid keeping food in the house. Make sure that when you eat, there are no leftovers to tempt you into eating anytime you feel like.

4. Fight boredom.

If you are lonely and bored, you are likely to find yourself eating out of schedule. You should, therefore, try and fight this boredom by making yourself busy, like going out for a walk, listening to your favorite music, etc.

If you are unable to control your food addiction and still want to lose weight, you should consider taking healthy snacks. Fruits, vegetables, or a low-carb meal can do you good than going for junks that only add a lot of carbs to your body.