How Do Impact Windows Work?

Impact Windows are one of the best and modern forms of the window that utilizes the current techniques and methods of protecting your home during seasons of bad weather like during hurricanes and strong storms. Impact windows are an alternative to protecting wooden boards and aluminium shutters.

They can also perfectly protect your valuables against intruders and burglars. Impact windows are thus an ideal option for your windows at your home. You will be secured against any form of risks.

impact windows were first used during the early 20thC as the best windshields in cars. Since then, there use has been advanced to property Windows. We have two types of impact windows in the market; these are the inner membrane technology and shatter resistant film windows.

Windows impact

These two types of impact windows come with a shutter resistant barrier to flying debris, dangerous increased atmospheric pressure and high windows. Impact Windows are installed with very strong aluminium frames that provide a steady barrier to the impact window elements.

They are built with a layer of films on both sides of the glass pane that effectively holds the glass inside in case of breakages.

What makes these windows to work even better is the presence of polyvinyl butaryl membrane in the inner part on these impact windows. The layers are placed between two panes of glass; it keeps the glass from scattering and splintering by providing adhesiveness between the glasses.


Hurricanes are very dangerous and can mess up with your whole plans as they can easily cost you huge sums of money to repair the damage. When a single window is broken, it can cause a lot of damage to your house as it acts as an entrance of outdoor pressure into your house leading to internal breakages, in the prices putting your lives and those of your loved ones at risk.

Your have doesn’t have to be left unprotected, get impact windows today to secure your home.